Welcome the stranger: BrushstrokesA resource to enable individuals to welcome newcomers in their area.

Most people move to other countries both by choice, although for some it is a necessity. They often need support to settle into a new place and feel at home in a new community.

The Newcomer Development Project has been developed by Father Hudson’s Care and Caritas Archdiocese of Birmingham. It aims to support individuals and groups to ‘Welcome the Stranger’ in their own neighbourhoods.

You, like us, have been inspired by the words of Jesus to ‘Welcome the Stranger’ in whatever way is needed. We aim to guide individuals to provide welcome to newcomers in their area. This comprehensive resource aims to provide you with the information to enable you to set up activities to support people as they make a life in a new place.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF version.


Template PowerPoint presentation

Template volunteer role description

Place of Welcome – customisable poster

Customisable poster, general

Produced by Caritas Archdiocese of Birmingham and Father Hudson’s Care.

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