Talking Jesus

talking jesus-logo150A new course hopes to inspire Christians to share their faith with others and encourage more people to talk about Christ. ‘Talking Jesus: The Course’ will support people to have conversations about their faith stories.

Talking Jesus: The Course consists of six video-based teaching sessions. Each session features inspirational testimonies of people sharing their faith, complete with an accompanying course booklet. It is ideal for use in home-groups settings. 

Devised by HOPE, the Church of England and Kingsgate Community Church, Peterborough, it contains real-life examples and guides. The goal is to equip Christians with the skills and confidence to share their faith and help others follow Jesus. 

It came about following research by Church of England, Evangelical Alliance and HOPE into what people know about Jesus and how they feel about his followers. The findings showed that people were positive about Christians and that one in five wanted to know more about Christianity. These findings motivated them to create something that would help Christians have more positive conversations about Christ. 

This led to the creation of Talking Jesus: The Course, which encourages Christians to talk about their faith in a sensitive, positive and culturally relevant way.   

They hope the research will continue to inspire people to make Jesus known through their everyday actions.

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